Thermal Design and Analysis

Comprehensive thermal analyses for space components and systems. We have experience in software for general and specialized applications (MATLAB, ESATAN, COMSOL) used in previous and actual space projects.

Thermal Testing and Qualification

We provide an infrastructure necessary for thermal tests. Basic parameters: temperature between -180°C and 150°C, pressure down to 10e-7 mbar, ISO8 cleanroom conditions. Sample dimensions up to 700mm x 230mm x 230mm.


Design and Manufacturing

We can offer space-qualified MLI blankets, based on the customer requirements. Blankets can be designed by us, or prepared based on the input. For more information please refer to our Products.

Conceptualization & Feasibility Assessment

We can help you to transform your technical problem to design specification and establish the state of the art. We form the functional structures, their relationships and assess feasibility.

Mechanisms Design and Development

We make detailed technical drawings, select materials and make sure every component can be manufactured and assembled. Using advance numerical simulations, design is quickly verified and best-suited. We do complete range of structural, vibration and thermal analyses as well as kinematic and dynamic studies.

Manufacturing, Integration and Testing

With our trusted suppliers we manufacture parts, order all necessary components and integrate them. To meet technical regulations, prototypes can be experimentally tested using, among others, air-bearing table, off-load rigs and thermal-vacuum chamber.


The most typical MLI made with interchanging layers of foil and spacer, reinforced with thread and kapton tape on the edges. Due to its simplified design it is recommneded for flat surfaces.

Layer-by-layer MLI

By introducting a different method of integration, up to 2 times better insulating properties can be achieved. The best results can be achieved for enclosed components.

Integrated Solutions and Services

Delivery of MLI blankets according to customer needs in both „layer-by-layer” and standard technology.

Thermal-vacuum tests in temperatures down to
-190˚C and 10-7 mbar

Thermal simulations and analysis in dedicated software, eg. in MATLAB, ESATAN, COMSOL.

Development of dedicated thermal control systems and mechanical flight hardware.


About us

Spacive Sp. z o. o. is a company founded in 2014 by a group of managers and engineers originating form the Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences.

The company employs engineers from different specializations and provides services and products for entities of the space sector.

The company specializes in the fields of thermal and mechanical design, analysis and simulations.

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