Thermal Tests

Thermal vacuum tests at different stages of the project

We have an infrastructure necessary to conduct thermal tests in a cleanroom ISO8 conditions. Pressure achieved in our thermal-vacuum chamber is at the level of 10e-7 mbar and ambient temperature of -180°C, allowing us to perform the most rigoristic tests, both initial and qualification. Another advantage is a well known high emissivity of a surface inside the chamber, which allow for faster process temperature stabilization and helps with a mathematical model correlation. Materials used by us meet the ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C standard requirements.

Technical data:

·         Maximal mass of tested equipment: 1~20 kg (Depending on tested equipment. There is a possibility to adjust the interface for bigger load.)

·         Minimal surface temperature: 93 K (-180°C)

·         Allowed dimensions of tested equipment: 700mm x 230mm x 230mm